Vocabularis will help you master new language a little bit faster. Try it here.

If you are in the process of learning a new language and interested in working on your vocabulary, Vocabularis is there to help you.

Vocabularis is the tool that will help you master new vocabulary fast. It operates with simple terms - cards (simple pairs of phrases and its translations), and card sets - lists of cards - those are your dictionaries that you want to memorize. Vocabularis will help you build your card sets with simple and intuituve interface.

When done building dictionaries you want to memorize, Vocabularis will let you train it until you feel that you can remember it very well.

While training you will gain some results which you quite likely would want to save in order to continue another time. For that after you have completed you training session you can save your dictionaries with obtained results into a file which you can later load in order to continue.

Vocabularis does not store a single bit of information about you or your dictionaries on servers. In fact Vocabularis is running completely in your browser and once loaded does not require internet connection.

Good luck with your new challenge!